Buy HP Pen Drive 8GB V270 at Rs 433 Only


You think your cell phone can meet all your needs? Think again! Important documents? Folders? Tons of movies? Hundreds of songs? Thousands of photos? Easily connectable to the PC? You might be having an answer to all of these, but do you realize you have an easier option by maintaining a pen drive? Lay your hands on the uber cool looking hp pen drive 8gb.

How to buy hp pen drive 8gb V270 at Rs.433 only :

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Smart phones are indeed doing much more than it`s capacity nowadays. But can you completely rely on it for important things? Comparitively, a pen drive is much more dependable. Pen drive can be connected to any USB, anywhere in the whole wide world. It`s compatibility is hardly questionable. Putting aside the comparison with a smart phone, the mobility and ease of access of a pen drive is much better compared to a compact disc. An 8GB pen drive can replace almost 4 DVDs, right? Pen drives are reasonably priced too. They can be funky looking too – like the hp pen drive 8gb. Get this extremely cool looking hp pen drive 8gb at a whopping discount. The hp pen drive  8gb is now available at a very affordable price of just Rs.433. 

Product Description:

The HP USB flash drive is the perfect mobile storage solution for people on the commute. Conveniently pocket sized for easy portability. The simple plug and play meets all your requirements, whether you need to carry an important presentation or simply want to share images and videos.The pen drive comes with a two year warranty and assures complete quality.The transfer speeds are noteworthy enabling games, documents, images, music, videos and more to be transferred across computers using the simple Plug and Play concept.

Technical Specifications of HP V270 Pen Drive (8GB)

Brand HP
Capacity 8 GB
Dimensions 22.8 x 40.9 x 16.8 mm
Form Factor Standard Flash Drive
Interface USB 2.0
OS Supported Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS v10.3, Mac OS v10.4, Mac OS v10.5, Mac OS v10.6, Mac OS v10.7
Transfer Speed Read 14 MB/s, Write 4 MB/s
Weight 10.65 g


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