Buy iBall Pc2204 Power Bank at Rs. 250 OFF – Discounted Price Rs. 780

Sonali Singh

Often run out of batteries? And especially those urgent times become a period of distress when you are out and you need to have your batteries on. But do not be worried anymore, as the savior of such situations has been launched. Giving you comfort of charging the batteries of your gadgets anytime anywhere, brings to you iball PC2204 Power Bank, at highly affordable price. Buy iBall Pc2204 Power Bank at Rs. 780/- and get Rs. 250/- OFF.

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The iBall Pc2204 power bank is an emergency power bank that facilitates you to charge your electronic gadgets anytime and anywhere. The superb innovative iBall is a take home piece and buy iBall Pc2204 Power Bank now as it has an internal built-in 2200mAh battery capacity. It never leaves you distressed in those urgent crisis of batteries. The super smart iBall is blended with a stick design that gives you the ease to carry the smart gadget. Just slip it in your purse or in your pocket and your are safe and shielded against those emergencies. The perfect iBall Pc2204 power bank is crafted out of aluminium which makes it a highly durable and robust charger.

Its Multi-Compatibility feature makes it highly compatible with Mobile Phones, MP3 / MP4 Player, Portable Speaker, Bluetooth Headset etc. So, you can enjoy your journeys without the fear of exhaustion of the battery of your phone or Mp3 player. Smartly armed with Multi-Protection system that gives protection against OverCurrent, OverCharge and Short-Circuit. It has smart LED indications for charging and battery status. The iball charger is just a smart add-on to your tech-shelf. Check out the details to buy iBall Pc2204 power bank at Rs. 780/- only.

Product Details:

  • Bundled Connectors: 3 Connectors (Micro USB, Mini USB and Small Pin 2.0 mm).
  • Battery Capacity: 2200mAh.
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery.
  • Input: 5V, 0.8A.
  • Output: 5V / 1A (USB port).
  • LED Indication: Charging and Battery status.
  • Battery Charging Time: upto 4 Hrs.
  • Battery Life Cycle: >= 500 times.
  • Operating Temperature: 0C~45C.

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