Buy Kamasutra Set of 3 Spark Deodorants at RS 357 only!

Sowmya Nair

Ignite your senses and feel fresh all through by using this spark deodarant set by KamaSutra. Buy Kamasutra deodorants and let the town swim in your strong fresh smell. Buy KamaSutra deodorants and get a free a:diva deodorant for women that you can gift to your lady. This deodorant spray has a mass premium fragrance that is a blend of sensational and spicy scents. Keep body odor miles away and smell great all day. This combo can also work as an amazing gift. You friends will thank you for introducing him to the enticing smell of KamaSutra Spark deodorants. Time to buy Kamasutra spark deodorants, time to smell out of the world! Use Coupon Code FLASH2005 and get all three fragrances for just Rs. 357.

How to buy Kamasutra Set of 3 Spark Deodorants at RS 357 only!

1. Go to
Buy Kamasutra

2. Click on BUY NOW

3. Use coupon code FLASH2005 before checkout to get discount

Product Description:

Buy KamaSutra Set of Two Spark Deodorants + a:diva Deo Free -Details

BRAND KamaSutra
150 ml each
Deodorant Spray
Mass Premium
Provides long hours of freshness and defense against body odour
2 Spark Deo + a:diva Deo Free


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