Buy Khaitan 3 Jar Mixer Grinder 500 W at Lowest Price – Rs. 1620

Sonali Singh

Troubled with your old mixer grinder? Does your grinder demands a lot of effort to deal with it? Is it too clumsy to work out things for you quickly and hence wasting your lot of time? Well dash off your worries now and bring home the very smart and adept mixer cum grinder that ease all your efforts and gives you all that you need. Extracting juice will be a fun and and will happen at button-clicks. Bring home Khaitan 3 Jar Mixer Grinder, brought to you by Indiatimes shopping. The Khaitan 3 Jar Mixer Grinder is a 500W appliance that comes to you at lowest price of Rs . 1620/-.

How to buy khaitan 3 Jar Mixer Grinder at lowest price?

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Mixer Grinder is no longer a luxury kitchen appliance now. It is something that every home needs one these days. Khaitan mixer grinder is a perfect kitchen appliance to own. It is decked with advanced features and yet maintains an affordable price. Now you can work smartly in the kitchen with the smart appliance. You can prepare all your favorite recipes. Anything that requires squashing, mixing or grinding the ingredients happens snappily. This cheapest jar mixer grinder is a 500 Watts machine. It can grind or blend any ingredient effortlessly.

It comes with a 1250 ml Liquidizing or Blending Jar and ti also has a 800ml Grinder or Chutney Jar. Hence you can use any one that fits best for your motive. The Khaitan jar mixer grinder works smoothly and silently. It makes your grinding experience a pleasant one. Also, Khaitan 3 Jar Mixer Grinder is safe to use as it has shock proof body.It is also equipped with safety cut off so that you can conveniently use it without worrying. The compact and stylish design of this mixer-grinder is a cherry on the cake. It churns all the ingredients well to make a fine taste .And hence adding a lot of heavenly taste to your dish or curry.

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