Zovi Loafers for Men at Huge Discount for Rs 399 Flat

Sowmya Nair

Have an evening date? Here’s a secret. Ladies no longer like men who look too formal. They prefer fun, cool to hang out type of boys. Don’t you wish to be that? Good! Keep aside your formal or sports shoes and pick something just too cool! Match it with a casual jeans or linen pants and t-shirt. Instantly get that under-dressed buy ‘oh-so-cool’ look!Buy Loafers for men

Loafers are easy to wear, easier to remove and incredibly stylish. It’s true to say that loafer are the in thing these days.

Buy the Loafers From Zovi at Rs 399 Flat:

  1. Check the Loafers for Men at Zovi.
  2. Select a pair of your choice and click on ADD TO CART. Checkout from Cart
  3. No Zovi coupon code is required

On occasions when you don’t have a formal business meeting say no to formal shoes. Go for loafers! Simply because they are casual and instantly adds a cool factor! You could wear with regular jeans or linen pants and step out looking all ready to get some serious attention. Usual is boring. Go for different and stand out from the rest. Why be boring when you can be super cool? Rs. 499 is hardly anything for a pair of loafers that will last you a long time to come. Here’s your chance to try the cool stud look. Don’t miss it!

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3 Responses to “Zovi Loafers for Men at Huge Discount for Rs 399 Flat”

  1. Abbas

    A pair of Italian loafers I have are quite comfortable yet among the insoles has come loose. It is leather, plus I’m shopping for the right glue to secure the insole. Wouldn’t mind doing it me versus taking them to a cobbler? Anybody learn what exactly is the greatest plus least messy glue to employ?

  2. Raghuvir

    Or which type of men dress nicer plus wear boots like cent loafers?

  3. Sachisth

    Should I go with black leather loafers or dark brown oxfords?

    Event is not too formal, I can even choose to have my shirt untucked.

    I’m a man btw.


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Rs 699
Rs 399