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Fatima Ansari

Diwali is all about celebrations. Celebrating with the pujas, with fireworks, with mithais and a lot more. One of the most important part of this celebration for any woman is dressing up for this auspicious occasion. Jewelry has its own stature when it comes to any festival. Dealstan familiarizes you with the best collection of maaang tikas. Buy Maang Tikka Online for Diwali available only on

How to Buy Maang Tikka Online for Diwali | Mirraw Jewelery Collection?

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Earrings and necklaces are something that adores our attire. It completes the look of whatever we are wearing. But maang tikas, along with glorifying an outfit, it also adds a sparkly  touch and completes the look on your face. It is the most feminine jewelry a woman can own. Buy Maang Tikka Online for Diwali in all shapes and sizes. The collection of maang tikas comprises of an array of different styles and designs. You will come across stunning American diamond studded bindiyas that can be decorated easily in the hair parting. All the diamonds are accompanied with a pretty coloured stone- emerald green, ruby red, pink, maroon and so on. The kundan maang tikas, that brides usually wear, can be worn individually for Diwali and help any woman stand out. The Rajasthani inspired ‘Borla’ is also in the Indian fashion trend this season. You can even find side maang tikas like the Mughal princesses used to adorn in pearl.

Bringing world’s best designs to your brings you handpicked designs in jewellery, clothing and accessories created by talented fashion designers. It is based in Mumbai, India. It distributes worldwide via FedEx, UPS, DHL & Aramex. It has been operating for about 2 years now and have managed to build up a reputable establishment online.


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