Buy Manipol Complete Body Massager Only for Rs 499

Fatima Ansari

How to buy Manipol Complete Body Massager Only for Rs 499:

  1. Go to by clicking here.
  2. Select add to cart.
  3. Click on proceed to checkout.

After an exhausting day at work or after a long week, all you need is a massage. But it is not at all viable for you to go to a spa every week and spend thousands of rupees on getting a massage done. Worry no more; Dealstan has a solution to your problem in the form of Manipol Complete Body Massager. The Manipol Complete Body Massager is available at just INR 499/- only onĀ Comes at half the price of a one-time massage at a spa, when this massager can be used again and again and as many times as you want.

The actual price before the discount is nothing less than INR 1995/-. You end up saving a whopping INR 1496/- on this great and convenient product. Unlike other body massagers, Manipol Complete Body Massager is quite portable and small in size. You can massage your head, your arms, your legs, and any part of your body that needs to feel relaxed. It comes with a power speed regulator, to adjust the speed of the massager to suit your need, from high to low. It is extremely simple to use this body massager for a hassle-free experience.

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