Microwave Safe Lunch Box Tupperware Rs 660 – Save Rs 200


You may think why do I Buy Microwave Safe Lunch box when I am already using a tiffin box? Let me ask you. Does your home made food become cold when you have to eat it? The roti’s you take along do they become hard and no more are soft? Does your vegetable/ bhaji become cold? If sometimes your parents or loved ones have cooked something special for you for your tiffin do they become all soggy on eating them during lunch time? To do away with all your worries and keep your meal as fresh as it is made at the moment you can use Tupperware microwave safe lunch box.

How to Buy microwave safe Lunch box:-

  1. Buy Microwave Safe Lunch box from Tupperware.
  2. Click on buy now.
  3. Proceed to payment.

Office goers, children going to school, or profession workers all love to eat home made food while on work. Continuously ordering food from outside at your work place or children having from canteen is not even eating healthy. For that matter children going to colleges also do not carry any tiffin as the taste of food no longer remains when eaten thus prefer to eat at some small joint or college canteen.

Do you think eating out always is healthy? It is certainly not and keeping all the necessities of how to keep food hot until consumed is a study made by Tupperware and thus they have brought in the market lunch boxes, water bottles, kitchen sets, fridge storage sets etc. that store food to its best condition. Safest and healthiest way to store food warm.

3 Responses to “Microwave Safe Lunch Box Tupperware Rs 660 – Save Rs 200”

  1. Saahid

    I’m a teen plus striving to consume healthier.Do we have any convenient food I may create which nonetheless taste advantageous plus are wise for we?I’m very picky too, largely regarding greens yet I do love fruit.

  2. Jamaal

    All my tupperware containers come from the dishwasher with a strange chemical-soapy smell. Why is this happening? Do we think it’s dangerous to consume from these containers? How could I receive the smell to go away? That same soapy smell lingers inside the dishwasher it’s self, I see whenever I open the dishwasher to load it.

    I have a brand new Maytag dishwasher plus I have tried the Cascade Action Packs plus the Finish Quantum… both leave the same smell. I furthermore fill the Jet Dry compartment considering the dishes were usually coming out wet without it.

  3. I saw it years ago at a Tupperware party. It was a red bowl with a strainer kind thing inside it.


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