Buy Mobile for Old Age – iBall Senior Aasaan2 from Flipkart at Rs 2899


Who said that among the high technology savy mobile phones these day’s that cannot be easily accessed by the elderly group there are no phones for them to use? Even if there are they are old models. The seniority group also now can have access to the very new model and latest trend looking iBall mobile phone from Easy to use an and easy on your pockets this iBall Aasaan2 cell phone cost only Rs. 2899.The white body smart look phone is a very compact phone and not like the old times bulky and heavy phone. Thus can be easily carried along with you whenever you are on the move.

How to buy iBall Senior Aasaan2 from Flipkart:

  1. Best for the oldies. Click here for your iBall senior Aasaan2.
  2. Click on buy now and proceed to billing gateway.
  3. Pay your bill in a safe and secure way.
iBall Senior Aasaan2

Despite the simple aesthetics, iball senior Aasaa2n manages to pack several useful features like SOS messaging, extended battery life and essential utility apps all for you. This is the best communication device of this date for the elderly group. Only introduced by iball who takes care of your basic needs and let’s you move freely without any communication restriction with family members. So what if you are old? This phone is young and of today’s time thus indirectly you too are young and hold a phone of the today’s time.

The 1.77 inches iBallsenior Aasaan2 mobile phone has a large enough screen to allow you to clearly see all that is displayed on the screen. No need to stress on your eyes to read what you type. The alphanumeric keypad is also very friendly and smooth to go thus letting you instantly adapt to the use of it. The iball mobile phone also has bluetooth support thus freely allowing to exchange photos, music,documents with anyone you want. With the inbuilt camera click your memorable moments and save them with you forever. You can also click as many pictures as you want or store in your time favorite songs and video’s with the vast memory data that is available in this device. It also has an extended memory of capacity of 8 gb thus not restricting on your requirements.

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Rs 2987
Rs 2899