Buy Nirlep Induction friendly Cookware Set at Best Offer Price Rs 2099

Sonali Singh

Make your kitchen, a lot more happening and an adept one. Aggrandize it into a place where you can showcase all you culinary skills and play with recipe each time. Prepare delectable dishes and leave everyone craving for more.  So, if your cookware fails your culinary skills, then switch to Nirlep Induction friendly cookware set. Dashing off your worries, Nirlep Induction friendly cookware set, comes to you at highly affordable price. Nirlep, the prestigious brand in the world of kitchen appliances brings for you this amazing offer.

How to buy Nirlep Induction friendly cookware set?

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Cooking becomes cumbersome when your appliances work incoherently. Sometimes burning your curries. Sometimes frying is a disaster. Preparing omelette in your frying pan and finding it turn to ashes. Just alienate all your bad ware and dash them off your kitchen. Make a decent room for your new friends that never distresses you. Introduce to your kitchen, a smart companion that is Nirlep Induction friendly cookware set at best offer. 

nirlep-induction-friendly-cookware-setA cookware set from Nirlep that will take care of almost all your basic kitchen needs. Comprises a tawa (Thickness:3mm, Diameter: 270mm), a kadhai (Thickness: 3mm, Diameter:240), a frying pan (Thickness: 2.6mm, Diameter :240mm). This Induction-friendly set is also compatible with gas stoves. Made of stainless steel, the set comes with a one-year warranty. Get your kitchen spruced up all the more Nirlep Induction friendly cookware set at best offer price brought to you by Indiatimes Shopping. Get geared up now.

Product Details:

  • BRAND: Nirlep.
  • CATEGORY: Cookware Sets.
  • MATERIAL: Stainless Steel.
  • COLOUR: Black.
  • SIZE :Tawa (Thickness:3mm, Diameter: 270mm); Kadhai (Thickness: 3mm, Diameter:240); Frying pan (Thickness: 2.6mm, Diameter :240mm).
  • WEIGHT :3 Kg.

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Rs 2099