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Sonali Singh

“My 12-year old son is a cricket-maniac and can play cricket round the clock.”, chuckles a metro-city based mother, in a satisfied laughter. She is happy to see her son, strike shots like the cricket’s God Sachin Tendulkar. Like any mother, a dedicated mother as she is, she never lets her son’s spirits die down, if he misses a ball. Yes, cricket is a sport, that is dream career for many and a favorite sport of millions. Fanning this cricket mania all the very more, brings a robustly churned out array of cricket bats and accessories. Buy online cricket bats at low price at flat 30% sale.

How to buy online cricket bats for low price?

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Playing will be a lot more fun and an experience like never before. To ease out your hassle of going out and searching shop to shop, browse a thousand of cricket bats and accessories online and get your favorite bats at few clicks. Jabong also presents an endless categories of sports equipments, ranging from tennis to badminton, from cricket to swimming, from football, volleyball, boxing to chess and squash. Also providing you arms for other variety of sports like skating and basketball, etc. Buy online cricket bats at low price like never before and let your wards and even you learn and enjoy the beautiful game at the same time.

The bats available are of high quality. They are ready-to-play cricket bats which are covered for immediate use and durability. Featuring the GM ToeTek protection that greatly reduces toe damage and increases resistance to damping. Perfect package for beginners who have just started learning the thrilling game of cricket. Also they have all the accessories necessary for them to get started. So buy online cricket bats for low price.

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