Buy Online Pepe London 73 Mens Blue Jeans at Rs 849- 65% OFF


Men, men, men – ALERT! The slim fit is in. And the best brand in town gives you an offer. Pepe London 73 mens blue jeans is now available at an amazing price of just Rs.849. Rediff gives you a discount of 65%.

How to buy online Pepe London 73 Jeans at Rs.849-65% off:

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  2. Note that shipping charges are Rs 49
  3. Don’t forget to apply Coupon Code : JUL150.
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‘Strength with age’ – Pepe Jeans. Guys, like wine bottles, get smarter and more handsome with age. A smart man in his mid twenties is any day preferred to a naive adolescent. No matter the age, what looks good on any male is a pair of neatly knitted fitting jeans. Anything can be puled off with a pair of jeans. Be it a tshirt, a shirt or a kurta.

Formal wear with a blazor and a pair of jeans is the new substitute to suits and formal pants. Jeans have the advantage of making you look stylish and yet sophisticated and elegant.  Pepe london 73 mens blue jeans comes at a very reasonable price of Rs.849. These pepe london 73 mens blue jeans comes in an attractive blue color. The fitting is slim and the jeans sports an awesome design. It can take upto seven working days to get delivered. Do note that the shipping charges are Rs.80. An extra pair of cool jeans would do no harm, so but it today!

Product Description: Pepe Jeans London is a denim and casual wear jeans brand that was established in the Portobello Road area of London in 1973. From its origins as a tiny market stall to more than half a US billion dollar brand, Pepe has transformed itself into a jeanswear label found throughout Europe. The brand today has presence in more than 80 countries across the world

Specifications of pepe london 73 mens blue jeans:
Awesome Design Perfect for Any Active Life Style..
100 % Cotton.
Slim Fit
Not Applicable
In the Box
1 Pepe London 73 Men’s Jeans

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  1. To all of the folks inside London… Are Pepe Jeans prevalent there? I am thinking b/c I am inside the US & they sell Pepe Jeans which are a ‘London Brand’, however inside my opinion they appear to more of the US design b/c they are hiphop inspired. Please educate me, perhaps I am incorrect. Do folks inside London wear Pepe & urban (hiphop) design clothing? Thanks. 10pts.


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