Buy Online Toshiba Pen drive White at Rs 1070 Only – 53% OFF


Carry your world in your pocket! Besides being very small and cheap, Toshiba Pen drive is a mighty tool for every computer user with a enormous storage capacity of 32 GB. It is highly useful tool for always having important documents and program settings on hand. They very simple to use; plug one into a computer’s USB port and you can access the documents stored on the drive immediately. You can also run portable programs from the drive without having to install them on the host computer. Because program settings are also saved on the drive, it’s like having your own personal computing environment with you wherever you go!

How to Buy Online Toshiba Pen drive White at Rs 1070 Only – 53% OFF :

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Toshiba Pen drive is easily accessible accessible and universal for all individuals who use them for business, school, or even personal use. They make wonderful accessories as computer hardware and have many advantages for their use. Designed for ease of use, the new USB Flash Drive from Toshiba features a large storage capacity with a stylish case. The trendy design of this pen drive makes it easy to fit practically everywhere, it is easy to fit into business cases, purses, or suitcases or even your jean pocket! The massive storage capacity of 32 GB makes it easy to store almost anything. Its useful in cases such as-keep emergency information and current project files always at hand, have your browser and other program settings with you for secure use on any computer with a USB port, Troubleshoot and repair computer problems, make Windows run faster, run a different operating system without changing your hard drive.

Product details:

  • Category: Pen Drive
  • Brand:Toshiba
  • Model ID: Utility Pendrive
  • Colour:White

Key Features:

  • 32 GB Capacity
  • Brand new Design
  • USB 2.0


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Rs 1450
Rs 1070