Buy Original Sennheiser Backneck Headphone Pmx 60 for Rs. 720 Only

Fatima Ansari

Headphones are better than earplugs. For complete noise isolation. How many would agree to this? Most of us. They are even more comfortable. But you may feel its bulky. But now you can have a portable headphone. Dealstan brings you a steal deal on Original Sennheiser Backneck Headphone at just INR 770/-. brings you this discount.

How to buy Original Sennheiser Backneck Headphone Pmx 60 for Rs. 720 Only?

  1. Go to buy Original Sennheiser Backneck Headphone.
  2. Select add to cart.
  3. Click on proceed to checkout. Enter coupon code GET150.

The Original Sennheiser Backneck Headphone is priced at INR 2299/-. You save a huge INR 1579/-. The headphones are not like others. They are open neckband ones. Very comfortable. Extremely lightweight. Won’t put the pressure on your head. It is portable. Unlike other bulky headphone. Sennheiser is trusted brand. It guarantees high quality. It can be used with any audio source. Covers the ears completely. This enables no noise to disturb you. The only sound you will hear is of the music. It can be used with mobile phones. You can watch movies on laptop. Without disturbing anyone else. You can use it on your iPod. The Original Sennheiser Backneck Headphone promise sharp sound quality. To get a branded head phone at this price is an amazing deal. Don’t miss out on this one! is a news, information, entertainment, and shopping portal. It was founded in 1996as Rediff On The Net and is headquartered in Mumbai, India with offices in Bengaluru, New Delhi and New York City, USA. According to Alexa, Rediff is the No. 11 Indian web portal. It has more than 316 employees.89.1% of the millions of visitorsto are from India, while the rest come primarily from the USA (3.4%) and China. In April 2001, acquired and began offering India Abroad. As of February 2011, it ranked 146 on was the first website domain name registered in India in 1996.

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