Buy Orpat Pop-up Toaster OPT-1057 700-Watt from Amazon at Rs 803

Deepika Dewan

Make each morning crispy, delicious and pop-up with joy. presents Orpat Pop-up Toaster OPT-1057. A toaster that makes your breakfast appetite cheerful through its cool and stylish functions. The Orpat Pop-up Toaster OPT-1057 has a cool touch feature so that the outside of the toaster remains cool and safe to touch. A user function that plays a very important role in ensuring safety of you and your loved ones. There are wide slots to accommodate the bread. Helping you toast even the thickest slices that you thought would be difficult. The power consumption is all of 700 Watts and Operating voltage is 230 volts. This brings power saving advantage too. So get ready to relish the toasts that would spice up your life.

How to buy Orpat Pop-up Toaster Online from

  1. Click on the link here to purchase Orpat Pop-up Toaster.
  2. Click Buy Now and then login to amazon.
  3. Clear the payment and receive this Toaster within 3-4 business days.


Set your morning time for some lovely popping and toasting. Orpat Toaster comes with a Cord storage facility that helps you manoeuvre it well in your kitchen space. The Electronic control operations and removable crumb tray makes cleanliness and convenience at your beck and call. The crumbs that get filled in the tray can be removed and cleaned with a damp cloth once you think the toasting is done. To avoid any risk of fire, keep removing crumbs from the crumb tray. After all, when hunger strikes we tend to forget the do’s and don’ts. The Adjustable browning control and touch cancel button is the best possible way in which you can control your toasting skills. This Orpat Pop-up Toaster saves space on your counter top too.

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Rs. 803