Buy Panache Guitar and Musical Wall Clock from Pepperfry – Save Rs 300

Neha Jain

Aren’t you tired of all of those numbers cluttering up your clock’s face? Then it’s about time you get the clock with super cool look Panache  Wall Clock because it’s  entirely different in looks . “Make this wall clock it’s beautiful!” . Great use of space. It will give your wall a classy and trendy look and definitely you will love this super cool watch.  Grab this stylish walk which gives you the feeling like a rock star with the musical notes on top of the watch .You can avail this clock  from  at 23% discount from the original price. Package Includes A Set Of 2 Extra Needles (Minute And Second Hand) Free With The Clock.

How to get this Wall Clock at discounted price of Rs 699?

  1. Click here to go to the Store Page.
  2. Select this product .
  3. Make payment.

Buy Panache Guitar and Musical Wall Clock from Pepperfry - Save Rs 300Made from engineered wood and acrylic. Every time you walk towards your wall , then this Panache clock will definitely make you stop and look at the time in different way. Available in natural wood color , our 10″ diameter unique Length x Width: 9 inches x 18 inches .This Wall Clocks feature a high-impact  face and backside hook for easy hanging.

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Rs 999
Rs 699