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Denim jeans are one style of pants that just plain works for everybody. These are the pants that can withstand repeated washings and daily wear, and somehow, they just keep looking better. Now that’s truly saying something! Now experience an effortless, easy, shopping experience for various kinds of jeans only at Jeans for Men for Flat Rs 499 Only.


How to Buy Phoenix Jeans for Men  Flat Rs 499 Only – SnapDeal

  • Click on Jeans for Men.
  • Make your selection and mode of payment.
  • Click on ‘Buy‘ to buy for flat Rs499 Only!.

Jeans have a long affair with fashion. They have always been an ‘in’ thing as far as the fashion world is concerned. You can wear them anywhere you go-at work, at parties, at college, weekend outings, holidays etc. With their comfy fitting, washed out look and comfortable fabric, denims never disappoint you. You can even sleep in your favorite jeans! The history of Jeans is quite interesting. They initially came into being designed especially for the working class. As denim was a tough fabric, jeans became uniform for people working in factories. Then when in 50’s America, blue jeans became viral among the teenagers, there was no looking back. Today, with the coming of so many desi and international brands of denims, people are going mad after them. Jeans have evolved so much in their hundreds years of existence in this world. You can find them in a variety of colors, shapes and styles. Now Buy Phoenix Jeans for Men Flat Rs 499 Only from Snapdeal. There is an extensive collection of jeans of all different types, such as baggy, boot cut, skinny etc that you cannot find anywhere else. Now available at amazing prices, quite less from your nearby local store. Order today and receive your choice of denims free within six working days.

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