Buy Remington AS700 Hair Styler from Flipkart @ Rs.1499 Only

Kajal Mehta

Flipkart, yet again has come up with something useful for you. It does not cease to surprise you with the most amazing offers. Shop at further reduced prices now. Buy Remington AS700 Hair Styler that is exclusive and designed just for your comfort. Shop for the best. Buy Remington AS700 Hair Styler at Rs.1499 only. Shop while at ease.

How to buy the unique and one of a kind Buy Remington AS700 Hair Styler:

  1. Go to Buy Remington AS700 Hair Styler.
  2. Add to Cart.
  3. Go to Buy Now.

Procure the luscious locks and the look you always dreamed of having. Use this hair styler to achieve the effortless and stunning look ever. 3 Heat and Speed Settings Including Cool Air which is the highlight of all the features. Small Bristle Brush is easy to use. 38 mm Thermal Mix Bristle Brush is absolutely potent. Attachment Release Switch makes it easy for you to attach and detach.  21 mm Thermal Bristle Brush is very efficient. This hair styler allows you to select the option which suits your hair type the best. This provides you with flexible styling choices. It reduces frizz in the hair. At the same time it holds a hairstyle in its place. It is the cool shot choice of that blasts cold air on your hair.

The small bristle brush enables you to achieve volume and bounce to your hair. It assists you to create loose curls and waves. In addition to which, you can create volume and fullness using this brush. You could use the thermal bristle brush measuring 21 mm, when you want smaller and medium curls. This brush can be used on short, medium length or layered hair. Press the release button to remove the attachment. This happens with much ease. Get it now!



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Rs 2499
Rs 1499