Run For Unity -Please Participate|Nike Men Egoli FG Black Sports Shoes


The biggest and never ever happened grand scale run for the movement of unity to be taking place in India on this coming weekend. Held at various location and preceded by our great leaders for a man who was a part to give us independence, who was a part of the struggle for India’s independence, Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Let’s all be a part of it and present our honour to him. This run is going to be a life time memorable run as it is for a good cause. Good cause should always be started with new things so that the good remains for ever in future. 


How to buy shoes for run for unity:-

  • Buy shoes for run for unity by Nike.
  • Choose size and click on buy now.
  • Proceed to make safe and secure payment.
  • Use coupon code GOSF35for discounted price.

With this auspicious occasion of celebration let’s buy shoes for run for unity not only to give it a fresh start but also to give your feet the comfort. Running has never been easy unless you have the right shoe for it. Understanding the good cause behind this movement thus Nike brings out their best running shoe on an offer price so that all run for unity participants can benefit from it. Originally costing Rs.2295 now for the good reason the value has been scrapped to Rs.1491.

Some More Favorable Option :

Score in style with this pair of Egoli FB sports shoes from Nike. Buy shoes for run for unity before we run out of stock. The studs are designed in a way  to provide optimal traction and make your running comfortable and  stress free. It also aids in effortless kicking. This pair is also  designed with a modern touch so you get the best of both, style as well  as functionality.

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Rs 2295
Rs 1491