Buy single bed sheet online at Rs 300 Only – Flat 50% OFF


Bored with the same old bed sheets? Need a change? You can now buy single bed sheet online at flat 50% discount. Admit it, the color of your room has an influence on your mood. Better make it bright and beautiful rather than gloomy and dull, right? Ceylon provides you with an offer to buy single bed sheet online at a very reasonable price of Rs.300. Choose from different colors to go with the interior decoration of your room.

How to buy single bed sheet online at Rs.300 only:

Buy single bed sheet online
  1. Go to
  2. Choose among the different colors provided.
  3. Click on ‘Buy Now’.

The poly cotton blend and the vibrant colors make your room more lively than ever. Buy single bed sheet online and wake up everyday to a new start. Most of us refuse to buy single bed sheets and keep re using the old ones. Why waste money on bed sheets when you can just wash the ones you have and re use them is the mentality we live in. Hygiene is important and it is essential to change to new bed sheets at least once every three months(at least!). Bed sheets were never this cheap. So, why waste time? You can buy single bed sheet online just by a click on the mouse and a swipe of the card. They are now available at Rs.599, Rs.300 only. Hurry up, before the prices go up again!

Product Description:

This delightfully elegant Double Bed sheet set includes one matching pillow case and fits a regular double bed with utmost ease. Flaunting a solid pattern, this bed sheet is lavished with a beautiful color that brings to your bedroom elegance, verve and sophistication.

Bed Linen: 152 229 cm
Pillow cover: 43 x 69 cm

Blend: Poly Cotton

1 Single Bed Linen

1 Pillow Cover

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  1. Gauresh

    Wondering what was the difference inside the beds? or greater but what makes the mattresses more comfortable than others?? Is it the amount of coils or springs? I mean does more coils or springs cause a more comfortable bed?


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