Buy Slazenger Water Sipper 500 ml at Rs 161 + Free Delivery


Any physical exercise involves a lot of sweat oozing. Be it playing, running, jogging, or even if you are going out anywhere. A bottle of water is always wise to be carried along. So, here comes the best quality water sipper from, from the house of one of the best brands Slazenger. Crafted out of the best plastic, the sipper can hold 500 ml of liquid. With an easy to open and use lid, you can have the contents of the bottle with ease and without spilling. With a good finish and comfy to hold design, the Slazenger sipper can be easily accommodated in your carry bags. Just slip it in your bag and you are ready to go out. Now carry your juice, glucose water, plain water or any refreshing drink, the sipper is just the thing. You get the Slazenger water sipper for Rs 161/- only with a promise of free delivery. Hurry to order now.

How to get this Slazenger Water Sipper at discounted price of Rs 161?

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Buy Slazenger Water Sipper 500 ml at Rs 161 + Free Delivery
Wait not order the Slazenger water sipper now.

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