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So, you shop online for footwear, shirts, shoes, bags, books and what not! But you still go to the sports shop to get your tennis racket or your basketball. Well, you need not do that anymore. The dotcom makes things easier and much accessible. Flipkart gives you all the sports and fitness products you have been looking for. At your finger tip. At a discounted price.

How to Buy Sports and Fitness Products Online:

  1. Go to Buy Sports and Fitness Products Online.
  2. Choose the product you wish to buy.
  3. Click on Buy Now.

Sports and fitness products are essential for everyone – the sportsman, the sports enthusiast, the fitness freak and also people who love to while away time playing outdoor. Flipkart gives you a chance to buy sports and fitness products without even going to the sports store. Also at a much discounted price than what the store offers you.

A flat 27% off sale is happening on all sports and fitness products ranging from basketballs, tennis rackets and badminton rackets to cricket gear like helmets, gloves, pads, bags and bats. Flipkart has it all. There is a minimum of atleast Rs.200 difference on all the products` original and the discounted prices.  Choose any sports and fitness product. The product will be delivered in 2-3 business days. Cash on delivery is an available option and there is a 30 day replacement guarantee.

Key Features

  • Excellent Spiral Foamed P.U Grip.
  • Electroplated Frame.
  • Shaft Enhancing Durabilty of the Racket.
  • Tempered Steel Aluminium Wide Body Frame.
  • Comes with Full Cover Designed for strength and Stability.

Electroplated Frame

To protect the racquet from external elements and safeguard the quality, this Cosco piece has been designed with an electroplated frame.

Tempered Steel Aluminium Wide Body Frame

Crafted from tempered steel and aluminium, the racquet has a wide body frame that gives one a larger sweet spot for the shuttlecock to bounce off of.

Shaft Enhancing Durability of the Racket

The durability of the shaft that this racquet sports is enhanced, as compared to the others.

Excellent Spiral Foamed P.U. grip

A spiral foamed PU grip is of an excellent quality, giving you a firm hold on the racquet as you return each shot with an exceptional confidence.

Designed for Strength and Stability

The racquet, that comes with a full cover, is designed to provide you with strength and durability so as to make each game better.

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