Buy Stylish Hookah from as low as Rs. 289!

Sowmya Nair

An evening spent with a group of friends and one hookah is always memorable. All those jokes, pulling each other’s legs, philosophical discussions that reach no conclusion… the list goes on. What if you had one such Hookah at home? It simply means a lot more fun evenings with friends! Plus, buy stylish hookah and it automatically adds to your decor. Its got a whole antique feel to it. A hookah in a corner will get you more attention than a whole big piece of furniture. Pick a few of your favorite hookah flavors, arrange for a few snacks and your are all set to create an evening to remember!

Buy Stylish Hookah from Pepperfry for as low as Rs. 289. A memorable evening with friends has never been so easy to arrange. Keep a stylish hookah at home and you will need no other reason to invite friends over!

Buy Stylish Hookah from as low as Rs. 289:

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Product description:

Dimensions –¬†Height: 12 Inch

Material: Glass

Brand: Hookah N Hookah

Size: 12 Inches

Mosaic Burj is a great Hookah for regular or first time Hookah smoker. This Hookah is ideal for traveling due to its overall size. This Hookah may be used for both decorative and smoking pleasures, providing entertainment for years to come.Set of Two

2 Responses to “Buy Stylish Hookah from as low as Rs. 289!”

  1. flakeloungeandgrill

    Ordered these Hookahs for our new Pub!! Thumbs Up!!


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