Buy Super Soft Double Bed Blanket at Rs. 299 /-Super Deal 75%Off

Sowmya Nair

Super Soft Double Bed Blanket worth Rs.1199 at just Rs.299? Are you kidding? No, we’re not. Summer is coming to an end. This means its time for blanket shopping! Yay! What can be more pleasant than diving  inside a super soft blanket after a tiresome day? Nothing really. That moment when you get inside a blanket that can protect you from the cold is mostly the only time you thank god for little joys in life. How about spending an entire rainy Sunday inside a cozy blanket? Tempting isn’t it? We personally think its almost impossible to find any kind of double bed blanket for less than Rs. 1000. This double bed blanket comes to you at a throw away price, quite literally. Rs. 299? seriously? How amazing is that? Don’t wait one minute longer. This is the kind of deal if missed will make you want to punch yourself. Buy one for mommy and she will be so glad!

How to Buy Super Soft Double Bed Blanket at Rs. 299:Buy Super Soft Double Bed Blanket at Rs. 299 /-Super Deal 75%OffDouble bed blanket

1. Go to

2.Register/Sing in

3. Click on BUY NOW

4. Use coupon code DSOFT624 to avail 75% off!


Product Description:

  • Super Soft Fleece Double Bed Blanket
  • Can also be Used as Warm Bedspread In Winters
  • Choose from 6 Elegant Design
  • Dimensions: 220 cm x 220 cm approx

3 Responses to “Buy Super Soft Double Bed Blanket at Rs. 299 /-Super Deal 75%Off”

  1. Cheap Chinese polyester blanket. available in local markets for 150-200 bucks.

  2. Jalal

    I’ve ordered 1 plus should gather it plus striving to figure out a method to transport it without to hire a van. There is a double bed frame too yet which dismantles. Any inspirations?

    Not certain what category to place this inside thus following what I understand.


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