Buy Suunto Watches on 50% Sale – Starting at Rs 5975

Sonalee Sarkar

Watches are the best accessory that a man or women can have to flaunt her style and sense of fashion. Styling your wrist with the old kind watches will be a very negative impression of you that can be created on some other person. Thus style your wrist with the latest trendy kinds that are available from the big house brand of Suunto from Avail for watches at the best price but to add to this now buy your watches at 50% sale price too. Come visit the collection that offers you a vast range to pick your watch from.

How to get this Suunto Watches at discounted price of Rs 5,975?

  1. Click here to go to the Store Page.
  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.

Suunto M Series white dial women’s watch:- Rs.5975

suunto womens watch

Suunto digital grey dial unisex watch:- Rs.9975

suunto digital grey

Suunto vector black digital unisex watch:- Rs.10975

suunto vector

Suunto vector altimeter digital black unisex watch:- Rs.10975

suunto altimeter


Suunto Quest sports watch digital black unisex:- Rs.11475

suunto sports watch

Suunto core digital red dial unisex watch:- Rs.15750

suunto red


Watches are loved by all. An ever acceptable gift with excited and smile. Thus you can buy one from our collection to bring that smile on your colleague, friend, best friend, dear and close ones, family members etc. Why do the Suunto watches stand out from the other watches? Simple because  of it’s very fresh and new design within the dial that is very stylish and has a new look to it.

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Rs 11950
Rs 5975