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Shweta Anand

What happened to Sati!? Will Shiva find her?… What will that Naga do to her?? These are questions you have in mind if you have finished reading The Immortals of Meluha.  Well, the second book of the Shiva Trilogy by Amish, The Secret Of The Nagas will give you all the answers and make you ask some more questions! Own your new and fresh copy of the book from while you save 45% on each purchase! Buy the book for only Rs. 125/-!

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The Secret Of The Nagas
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Welcome to the world where who we believe to be god is but a human immigrant who raises to a godly status through his karma! A concept that applies to every human told, with a beloved god in mind. Har Har Mahadev!

We know about the Suryavanshis we know a bit about the Chandravanshis too,and now is the time to see what follows as the love struck god goes in search of his Sati, chases the Naga away and goes in search of his identity. And the discoveries he makes about truths that separate the worlds of the chandravanshis and the survanshis and that of the Nagas! Go on an exciting journey with Shiva and his followers and discover secrets that make you revisit mythology once again.

Who or What are Nagas? What is their secret?! Why are they hated so much? or is just fear? What secrets will Shiva and Sati reveal that would affect their relationships with those around them, and eventually, when they meet, affect their relationship with each other?

Search more, Know More, Find more and Fall in love with this new-age-like Shiva more in the Secret Of The Nagas!

About Amish Tripathi

Amish Tripathi is an author who previously worked in the banking sector. Some other books by Tripathi are The Immortals of Meluha and The Oath of The Vayuputras. Amish Tripathi was born in Varanasi in 1974. He is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Management and was in the banking and finance industry for around fourteen years. He has worked for organizations like IDBI, DBS Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank. When his first book, The Immortals of Meluha, became a bestseller, he began to concentrate on writing full time. The second book, The Secret of The Nagas, came out in 2011, and the final book of the trilogy came out in February 2013. Amish Tripathi has sold the movie rights of The Immortals of Meluha to Dharma Productions.


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