Buy Timex Expedition Watches At Flat 40% off – Only Today


Men love trendy watches. Watches have always excited them and if they come with a lot of functions and features then they are just the icing on the cake. Presenting an Offer so irresistible that would make you wonder is it really possible. Well let us tell you it is. Timex has been a very known brand in India for about 20 years now. They are apparently the Number 1 watch company in the US. Snapdeal today has come up with the best offer on selected Timex watches now Buy Timex Expedition Watches At Flat 40% off. These watches come with so many features that we are sure you wouldn’t need them all the time.

Buy Timex Expedition Watches At Flat 40 off  Only Today

How to Buy Timex Expedition Watches At Flat 40% off ?

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  2. Click on Buy Now.
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  • Brand: Timex Expedition
  • Brand: Timex Expedition
  • 1 year manufacturer�s warranty
  • Movement: Quartz Movement
  • Gender: Men
  • Display type: Analog, day & date
  • Accurate electronic compass
  • Fourth hand compass needle (Red points North)
  • Declination adjustment scale
  • Fourth hand electronically tracks temperature in Temp mode and Tidal position in Tide mode
  • 2 way directional turning ring
  • Temp mode

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