Buy Trendy flats for women at lowest prices from yebhi – below Rs 499

Shweta Anand

Time for some flats again ladies! make your feet fall in love with you and your toes sing with happiness with Trendy flats for women at lowest prices from! With women’s footwear priced below Rs. 499/- your pocket will also whistle a happy tune, trust me! Check out the stylish and Trendy flats for women right here on and guess what.. they have trial options.. so order as many as you want and turn your house into a retail outlet!

How to Buy Trendy flats for women at lowest prices from yebhi?

  1. Click to view the Trendy flats for women at lowest prices from
  2. Sort by Low Price.
  3. Select the ones you like within your price range.
  4. Select you size.
  5. Click on Buy Now.


rest your feet in total comfort and total style with flats for all occasions… flats are made to make your feet the most rested and make your day least tiresome. Especially if you work in big campuses where a lot of walking is necessary, these are your best bet.

These are a good option For all you housewives and young moms out there, shopping and walks with your kids were never so much fun, with your feet comfortable you can run behind your toddler all through the park!

Girls, you can think of these flats as options to gift to your mums too. Moms usually like flats more that heels of any kind… these are the perfect solution for that.

There are many colors and designs to choose from that would appeal every taste. from simple, strappy designs to flashy accessorized ones, there’s one pair for every one here.

We all know that flats go well with all kinds of outfits, people also pair them up with those rare western formals, but they are ideally best suited with  the indian formals like salwars or sarees and the most ideal for a casual attire, be it western, Indian, or even semis… hint – kurtis with jeans.

Get yourself one pair now and style it out with the Trendy flats for women at lowest prices from Check out their Try & Buy and Cash on delivery options available at specified pincodes. Yebhi try karke dekho!


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  1. Jaisal

    So ive got inside a habit of getting plain stuff, like T-shirts plus jeans. And either black or white boots considering they go with everything . And I dont have enough income to alot of diffrent boots . And far because clothing I choose easy tshirts considering I feel like certainly dont ho anywhere fancy .And when I purchase anything super cute or fashionable . 9 instances outta 10 .I wont have boots to wear with it inside my closet or any accessories . I wear a size 12 inside ladies plus their boots is pricey. Im tired of searching dull. How will I build a cute summer wardrobe.


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