Buy Tupperware bottle Aquasafe at Rs 94 – Rs 50 Off


Time to renew your kitchen with new accessories with Tupperware Kitchen items. Tupperware presents you with all new kitchen accessories along with bottle and lunch boxes and much more things in discount offer. Buy Tupperware bottle Aquasafe at Rs 94.

 How to buy Tupperware bottle Aquasafe at Rs 94  – Rs 50 Off:

  1. Buy Tupperware bottle Aquasafe from Shopclues.
  2. Use coupen code SCTW25 to avail the discount offer.
  3. Go to Buy now

Tupperware is providing us with different variety and color of bottle for freeze of different range,color and capacity. We have different variety of lunch boxes also which can be used in microwave as well. So you can use very good variety of lunch boxes for your office purpose also. The food will remain warm in these boxes. There are different type of compact bowls also. There is multi masala ,water bottle and lunch boxes of catchy clolors. The product of tupperware are very handy and economic and easily affordable. We can use these product for all kind of kitchen items like for storing juice, food and different spices.The lunch boxes comes with insulated bags. Tupperware is one of the most famous brand and available at a very good discount. Avail this offer now for your kitchen needs.

Product description:

  • Product Description & Contents : Square Away: Convenient, handy size. 2 Tropical Cups: Allows you to pack a complete, wholesome meal. Tumbler: Liquid tight. Best Lunch Bag: Smart spacious Lunch Kit; can carry an additional spoon, napkin or any other important items.
  • Usage Ideas : Carry to office nutritiously balanced meals complete with dahi (yoghurt), nimbu pani (lemonade), lassi (buttermilk). Homemade lunch is healthier and works out much cheaper. See how much you save by sending homemade food rather than buying it from elsewhere. Save on doctor’s bills too.
  • The set includes a Tumbler, two Tropical cups and a Square Away.
  • Tumbler: Prepare lemonade, buttermilk , badam milk, cold coffee or fruit juice the night before, chill and send with the lunch.
  • Tropical Cups: Curries, Cut fruit, salad, payasam, sambar, kadhi, etc, can be enjoyed without any spillage or accident. Yoghurt, jelly and desserts such as custard to make an exciting meal for your loved ones.
  • Square Away: Keep sandwiches, parathas, rotis and rice, idlis, dosas and cutlets. Can also be used as a fashionable bag for carrying different kinds of items.

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  1. Dharmadev

    I was thinking considering I wish To receive into collecting new aged stock tupperware, plus cannot discover the answer to the query anywhere online. The “servalier” product line of Tupperware is what I am many interested inside. Thanks!

  2. Santosh

    I am confused.. Can you microwave Tupperware objects?
    Please help!


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