Buy V for Vendetta Mask Online in India at Rs 861


Attend you theme parties with the very expressive V for Vendetta mask on you. Express yourself with a very new and cool way. Even if you are not expressing through facial expressions you can use the V for Vendetta mask that is available online at Marked as an amazing product by it’s buyers this is you chance to buy it at a very budgeted price.¬†The mask is thin, which makes it light and easy for wearing. You can wear this mask for a longer period without having the problem of carrying heavy load on your face. Other mask available are heavy in weight thus forcing you to get them out even before you have utilized it to the optimum.

How to buy V for Vendetta Mask:-

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V for Vendetta Mask

Time to get a new look this party. Dress like a cool dude and put on this V for Vendetta mask and be a very positive funny character among the crowd. The elastic band of this mask is like a nylon elastic strap that is securely straps the mask over you. You can jump, run, dance all night without having to worry about the mask staying over on your face. It is a total value for money product. This is a great mask with a great idea that you can wear for a party, a home get together etc. Also can be very good mask to use during birthday parties. Ideal for fancy dress parties!

The shape of the face mask is also designed very well that makes’s it easy for wearing. The look given to this mask is more masculine with detailed painting. In fact this mask looks just like the mask you see in our movies. Strong in design and well polished is the V for Vendetta mask.The dimension of this mask is 2.5 by 12.7 by 30.5 cms thus can easily and well fit over any person’s face. It is a guarantee that you will instantly fall in love with this mask.

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Rs 861