Buy Victoria’s Secret Fragrance and Cosmetics at Rs 849

Sonalee Sarkar

The make up kit or cosmetics or fragrances used to enhance the appearance or odor of human body are a girl’s and women’s best friend. This is no false statement. Each and every girl uses personal care products at some time or the other. And some of you who have not tried it should do so immediately. You are loosing the opportunity of dressing your looks with beautiful styles and colors and odors. Thus now avail for the best branded Victoria’s Secret personal care products and buy them on discounts at

How to get this Buy Victoria’s Secret Fragrance at discounted price of Rs 849?

  1. Click here to go to the Store Page.
  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Use fashionandyou coupon code MAY15 while you shop for Rs.1500 and above for discount.
  4. Use fashionandyou coupon code MAY20 while you shop for Rs.2000 and above for discount.
  5. Use fashionandyou coupon code MAY25 while you shop for Rs.2500 and above for discount
  6. Proceed to checkout and make payment.
Buy Victoria's Secret Fragrance and Cosmetics at Rs 849


VS amber romance mist:- Originally priced at Rs.1400 but now for Rs.899


VS bombshell diamond perfume:- Originally priced at Rs.5550 but now for Rs.3699


VS bombshell gift set 2:- Originally priced at Rs.3700 but now for Rs.2399


VS pure seduction mist:- Originally priced at Rs.1600 but now for Rs.899


VS dramatic and smoky trio make up kit:- Originally priced at Rs.2300 but now for Rs.1699


VS moonlight dream shampoo body wash:- Originally priced at Rs.1500 but now for Rs.849



Shop and at the end of your payment use coupon code as mentioned above to avail for best discounts on your entire billing amount. No hidden terms and conditions of any kind applicable to this. The higher the billing amount the more discounts you can avail for. These are the top needs in a women’s list that comes in her closest. They give a lot of confidence as it does wonders to your look by giving you the best touch.

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Rs 1499
Rs 849