Buy Wrangler Wallet Purse Clutch In Craft Leather for Women at Rs 699

Deepika Dewan

From the party-hopper to the business-busy woman, every 21st century lady wants the best when it comes to managing money, credit cards and coins. Money doesn’t grow on trees and so it needs to be secured firmly and presentably. How to carry it well in such a manner that it speaks out your personality? presents Buy Wrangler Wallet that adds value to your currency.  A sleek and smart creation that’s ideal for daily use. Wrangler Wallet is a perfect accessory to carry for all your occasions. 

Crafted in leather, this classy wallet supports your cash, credit and debit cards, shopping cards, bills and other essential items safely and securely. Take a look at the well-organized interiors of the Wrangler Wallet and you will know its capacity and space value. The interiors of the Wrangler Wallet help in stocking all your monetary and paper-led essentials without any hassle. The zipped closures of this wallet protect all your essentials while you are on the move in safe and sound manner. So, the next time you get called for an evening do, carry your mobile-cum-currency-cum-credit card accessory in Wrangler Wallet.

How to Buy Wrangler Wallet?

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Meet the lightweight and effortless companion that knows the importance of style when carrying anything to do with money. Buy Wrangler Wallet makes you look a breed apart when you walk with one. One Compartment Pocket where you can put your Credit Cards, 3 Pockets for Small Documents, 2 Zip Pockets for money, 2 Pockets for SIM/Memory Card, 1 Backside Pocket for your Mobile. Undoubtedly, a Wrangler Wallet is worth the buy.

Wrangler Wallet Features:

  • Size: Free Size.
  • Type: Dresses.
  • Brand: WRANGLER.
  • Style: Casual.
  • Material: Leather.
  • Gender: Women. is a dedicated portal that provides latest Online Deals from a great range of shopping websites.

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Rs 699