Buy Wrist Watch Organizer Anno Domini 10-Slot at Rs 899 Only

Sonali Singh

After we came with the offer on Multipurpose Hanging Organizer from . we were very much appreciated by our visitors and customer . So now its time for something more unique.

A wrist watch lover? Have a huge collection of watches? The best thing that you can have is a watch organizer. Get your beautiful watches a beautiful home. Accommodate them in an organizer that would keep them safe. Brought to you by a smart and handy watch organizer. Place you wrist watches in it and it will keep them snug as a bug in the rug. Buy wrist watch organizer from the house of Anno Domini. It comes to you at a price of Rs 899/- only. Check out the details now and get the organizer now.

How to buy Wrist Watch Organizer?

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buy wrist watch organizer

It is a 10 slot watch organizer. It has ample room to accommodate 10 watches at a time. Stay organized and spruced up with the collection of your watches. While getting ready for an occasion, you want to match the right watch. And you find the watch missing. This is an analogical situation to caught-dead-no-escape. Well gear up to keep them all safe in their cute little closet. Just open up the box-cum-organizer and pick out your favorite watch. The watch organizer from Anno Domini is made from Japanese Velvet. Showcased in two colors Red and Black.

Both the colors are elegant and ever-green. Also the organizer looks highly catchy when placed on your dressing shelves. Let people know how spruced up and well managed you are with your stuff. The dimensions of the box being 34*23*9 cms. It comes with safe soft cushioning pads. These are very soft and gentle on the watches. Preventing any ugly scratch on your accessories, it keeps them young. It also makes an ideal item to gift someone. High on aesthetic sense, it is designed to keep your watches safe while traveling too.

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