Buy YepMe T-Shirts for Rs. 157 and Sunglasses from Rs. 250 Only


So Yepme has a wonderful surprise for all the men out there . Now buy as many T-shirts as you want to and sunglasses like you never did before because yepme , in this wonderful sale is selling  t-shirts for just Rs 157 and sunglasses at an amazing rate of Rs 250 only . Yes , guys , it is actually that exciting , so go on and shop .


How to buy YepMe T-Shirts for Rs 140 and sunglasses from Rs 250 only:

  • Buy YepMe T-shirts for Rs 157 and sunglasses for Rs 250 only.
  • Use online payment options of credit card , debit card or net banking.
  • Click on ” buy now“.

Yepme is one of the most popular online shopping site . And getting such an amazing offer on t-shirts and sunglasses is even more amazing .  You guys can easily buy 3-4 t-shirts at one go as they are very trendy , comfortable to wear,  making them such a style statements. Also, you do not have to worry for the shipping charges , as it is absolutely free. Even the sunglasses are too trendy and cool, that you would not stop yourself from buying them . Today’s life is all about keep chasing , roaming and you are obviously too conscious about those looks. So why repeat same clothes again and again . Now own as many t-shirts as you can , and make you look out standing among your gang . Whether it is for going out to chill , watching movies , now you will be ever ready and especially when you do not like to go to those shops for buying clothes or other stuff . Get this yepme t-shirts for Rs. 140 and sunglasses from Rs. 199 only.

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Rs 175
Rs 157