Bwitch Wholesale panty for women at Rs 300 – Flat 50% OFF

Sowmya Nair

What you wear outside is all about impressing the world. But what you wear inside if often about impressing your own self. For a confident exteriors, it’s important that you feel good inside. We are not talking about your heart and soul. That’s too much philosophy. We are talking about panties for women! Bwitch Wholesale panty for women is available at flat 50% off on HighStreeLabels!

Feel beautiful inside and you will automatically look pretty outside. Invest in a comfortable, seductive panty from Bwitch. For just Rs. 300 buy a satin Bwitch Wholesale panty for women!

How to buy Bwitch Wholesale Panty for Women at Rs. 300:

  1. Buy Bwitch Wholesale Panty for Women from HighStreetLabels.
  2. Click on ADD TO CART and check out from your cart.
  3. No HighStreetLabels coupon code is required.

Who said comfort and style don’t get along? Prove them wrong with these panties. The satin material is soft on your skin, no more pantyline rashes. Also, panty lines won’t show out. Wear a skirt or regular formal pants without showing off the embarrassing panty lines. The color ofcourse is so delectable! Who doesn’t like Wine pink. So deep, so luscious! It’s important to feel sexy from the inside. Why limit yourselves to boring panties when you can look & feel so hot? At 50% off, this is a must buy. Don’t miss it!

Product Description:

A panty that is sensuously feminine will heighten-up sophistication and this pair by Bwitch is a perfect example of the same.


  • Colour: Wine- Dark Pink
  • Material: Satin/Mesh

Care Info

Medium wash; dry in shade.


Bwitch is a youthful, seductive, fashionable lingerie brand for the contemporary Indian woman, who is independent and far more experimental in her choices than ever before. After an extensiveresearch and study of the innerwear market, Bwitch brings forth an ideal mix of all the key elements – Fashion, form, function and fit.

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