Callmate Bluetooth Handsfree BH-119A at Rs 449 – 55% OFF

Fatima Ansari

With call rates going down everyday and competitive call schemes available by mobile networks, it is obvious that are freedom to call and talk to our loved ones for the longest hours possible, be it a college friend who just lives next door or a an outstation friend. But yes we sure get tired of holding the phone all the time to our ear. Or even worse when we are driving or having a lot of load in our hands that makes it possible to hold the phone. This is when a Bluetooth handsfree comes in. Dealstan brings you a great money saver deal on Bluetooth Handsfree device. The Callmate Bluetooth Handsfree device is available at just INR 449/- only on

How to buy Callmate Bluetooth Handsfree BH-119A at Rs 449 – 55% OFF?

  1. Go to buy Callmate Bluetooth Handsfree BH-119A at Rs 449 .
  2. Select the products, size and click on buy now.
  3. Click on proceed to pay and enter the coupon code- DCKPH8F348Z9 – to avail an extra 20% off.

The actual price of this device is nothing less than INR 1000/-, so you are presented with this convenient Bluetooth Handsfree at half the price. This brand new Bluetooth Handsfree by Callmate is sure to add up to your freedom of talking over the phone while doing anything at all, be it cooking, driving or playing a sport. The sound clarity is so high that you won’t feel as if your on handsfree and experience any noise to disturb you. The charging time of this magic Bluetooth Handsfree is just 1.5 hours and comes with 2 ear beards for utmost comfort.

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