Carrera Emotion Edt 100 ml for men at Rs 1299 – 44% OFF


Carrera emotion edt 100 ml for men @ Rs 1299 – 44% OFF. refreshing fragrance with a blend of aromatic citrus and spices with hints of wood.The fragrance trails off with everlasting  different ingredients.

How to get Carrera emotion edt 100 ml for men @ Rs 1299 – 44% OFF.

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  • Price 2,300 , Rs 1,299 only.

Some sort of  perfumes affects man emotions, at the same time it affects women emotions even harder. Perfumes signifies your identity,your persona, your smell, what personality you carry? etc . Wearing a good and rich perfume matters a lot. Perfume are incredibly highly effective when you wear them it really attracts people, leaves a good impression. This brand Carrera has been racing since 1956. Quite an old brand. One can trust it blindly. Everlasting sandalwood, amber, patchouli, musk, vanilla and cedar are some beautiful ingredients which strengthens your inner strength. This soft fragrance can turn on your women. Perfect for any occasion. As they say that your fragrance talks. So let your fragrance talk, person next to you will be smitten by it. what are u waiting for? Men aren’t you all waiting for the ladies to go on your knees, and women dont u want to surprise your man by gifting this amazing perfume. To own a fragrance is not easy but if you buy from highstreet lables .You Save:Rs. 1001 Discount : 44%OFF. Must buy Carrera emotion edt 100 ml for men. Hurry guys.

product Description

  • 100% Authentic.
  • Pre Insured.
  • Gender : men.
  • 45 Day Returns.
  • Quantity: 100 ml.


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