Casio CTK 1100 Electronic Keyboard | Flat Rs 5395 – Coupon Inside

Sonali Singh

Music is not just notes that are played on any musical instrument, but has a lot deeper definition to understand. It is the expression of hard core feelings. Feelings those sometimes, are difficult to define and get inexplicable. Music does a lot of talking about your mood. Not only talking but rejuvenating you, enthralling, adding to your happiness and mood, relaxing your nerves and harmonizing you. Music is for those who feel it not listen it. All the music lovers or penchant instrument players can celebrate now. Keyboard, a very vibrant and a fun-to-play instrument makes an inseparable existence, when one comes to counting musical instruments. So, if you really have been having a strong desire to change your old keyboard, then this is all that you need. Casio, launching Casio CTK 1100 Electronic Keyboard at a price like never before. Brought to you by, for all the crazy keyboard players.

How to get the Casio CTK 1100 Electronic Keyboard?

  1. Shop to get the Casio CTK 1100 Electronic Keyboard on
  2. Use Coupon code MUSIC10 to get discount and Click on BUY.
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Casio, a giant in the field of electronics have been delivery unquestionable performance since ever. Manufacturing products musical instruments, calculators, watches and lot more, its quality is insurmountable. A million of happy customers love and appreciate the quality of products. So, this time for music lovers, it brings Casio CTK 1100 Electronic Keyboard at huge discounts. The superior quality keyword is tailor-made for keen keyboard players. Bagged and armored with all the technicalities, the keyboard is robust, and is a perfect diet for the player’s appetite in you. With the auto Accompaniment Mode i.e. the CASIO Chord and fingered, the Casio CTK 1100 Electronic Keyboard comes to you at highly reasonable price. Check out the details to get the smart Casio to never let write off your playing abilities.

Product Details:

  • Auto Accompaniment Modes: CASIO Chord.
  • Fingered Auto accompaniment Controllers: Start/Stop.
  • Synchro/Fill-in .
  • Built-in Songs: 100 (Song Bank).
  • Lesson Function: Part on/off (Lesson part: right hand/left hand).
  • Other Functions: Song bank controller.
  • Key Transpose: 12 steps (-6 to +5 semitones).
  • Tuning Control: A4 = approximately 440 Hz ± 50 cents.
  • Display Screen: LCD Speakers: 10cm.

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Rs 5995
Rs 5395