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Sonali Singh

Watches are the best companions that makes your realize the worth of time. As they say time and tides wait for none, this stands universally true though. So why loose even a single sec? Keep the record of every second that ticks away and tie time to your wrist in an elegant form. Edifice is a world class producer of watches. A brand that has always left its fans flabbergasted. Its breath-taking designs and insurmountable performance impresses all. Edifice brings for you Imported Casio Edifice Silver Analog Watch. Brought to you by at an amazing price of Rs 5165/-. Dealstan helps you get the best deal and you get the Casio Edifice Analog watch at a lot reduced price through as compared to other portals.

How to get the Casio Edifice Silver Analog Watch?

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Price Comparison:

casio edifice 2

The watch comes from Casio’s highly reputed Edifice series. The Casio Edifice Silver Analog watch for men is a royal pick. It is a tastefully designed multi-functional analog timepiece. The Casio watch for men is battery powered and has a very eye-catching and ornate watch face. The face effortlessly combine elements of style and sophistication. The Casio watch utilizes a perfect mix of colors.It is a combination of light and dark colors.

It also has a generous addition of chrome in it. This Casio Edifice Silver Analog watch for men projects an accentuated sense of fashion. A natural head turner this watch is the perfect accessory to sport with your semi-casuals or casuals and would complete your list to carry for your adventure activities. It also has the right degree of chrome and color to highlight your fashion sense to anyone who catches a glimpse of it. Check out the details of sexy Casio Edifice Silver Analog Watch for men and get now.


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Rs 5165