Casual Boots for Men at Rs. 625. 37% off!

Sowmya Nair

For men who like it rough and tough, here’s a pair of Casual Boots for Men you will completely fall in love with. The Suede leather boots has air max sole which ensures sturdy but not so heavy feel. Don’t let the wrong pair of shoes weight you down.

Built for men who are into a lot of daily physical activity, these Casual Boots for men are extremely durable and very rough looking. For just Rs. 625, this is a good buy. Pick from either of the three available colors.

How to buy Casual Boots for Men at Rs. 625:

  1. Buy Casual Boots for Men from Groupon
  2. Available in 3 colors. Click on BUY NOW
  3. No Groupon coupon code is required

Suede leather in turn means longevity. The air max sole offers maximum comfort. Say no to uncomfortable shoes. The self-tie laces are god made for lazy men who have trouble with their laces. Let’s face it, no body wants to tie and untie laces everytime. It’s just so irritating! All three available shades are deep and looks great. So you can pick either. These shoes will go great with any pair of jeans and a casual shirt or t-shirt. If you have a small trekking trip planned, you could use these pair instead of expensive trekking shoes. These casual boots for men are sure made for some serious rough activity.

Product Description:

These colorful suede leather boots rise from a sturdy foundation of air max sole. Each boot also features self-tie laces that make it a cinch to get ready and get going every morning.

  • Offer is on Casual Boots for Men
  • Choose from the following colors:
    1. Tan Casual Boots (FS149)
    2. Brown Casual Boots (FS148)
    3. Green Casual Boots (FS147)
  • Available in four sizes: 7, 8, 9 and 10
  • Features:
    1. Sole mat – Air-max
    2. Upper Mat- Suede Leather

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