Celestial Airtight Storage Container 4 Pcs Set |Flat Price – Rs. 299


It is not only for your guest that you should serve fresh food. Now you can store your cooked food for yourself and family in the celestial airtight storage containers that will keep them fresh. Each time you warm the food to eat it you will get the taste like it was instantly prepared. Also you can store some of your home made prepared or market snacks in these containers. Usually eatables like biscuits, wafers, chakli, chivda, dry fruits etc. need to be stored in the right containers to avoid them from getting moisture absorption. It is at pepperfry.com that you can buy these containers for Rs.299 only that originally cost Rs.346. A total of 54% savings.

How to buy celestial airtight storage container:-

  • Easy steps to make celestial airtight storage container a part of your kitchen.
  • Click on buy now and proceed to payment.
  • Settle your bill amount.

Buying simple containers that close without any lock to it can sometimes not be good. Thus you can buy branded set of 4 containers that have the locking system to it. Thus giving no chances of not closing them properly that can create moisture in the box. It is the celestial airtight storage containers that can keep your food fresh for longer hours. Retaining the taste of food like it was first prepared is the work of these containers. The insulting material used for these containers does this task with great ease.

The different sizes of containers helps you to store in food as per the required amounts of left overs. The design of the celestial airtight storage containers are specifically designed to well fit into your kitchen cabinets without occupying much of space. Each box features a spill-proof lid that also snaps to its base, making it easy to store.

Product details:-

  1. Set of 4 containers.
  2. 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml and 1500 ml storage capacity containers.
  3. Material of these containers is polypropylene.
  4. Can be used in microwave.
  5. Also can be washed in the dish washer.

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Rs 346
Rs 299