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Deepika Dewan

From childhood to old age, there is one man who has entertained us universally with his comedy capre. He is a brand who has made a shoe polish a part of our growing years. His iconic moustache, bowler hat and pantomime smile has made our lives more cheerful whenever we felt morose. presents Charlie Chaplin DVD’s Collection. Collected works of Sir Charles Spencer, better known as Charlie Chaplin to the world. A compilation of 8 discs in English language captured in Dolby format that would entertain you to madness.

Unending histrionics has been a part of this legendary figure. And the best part about it is that they are natural and effortless. The tears and the pain, the joy and the confusion, the laughter riots and sob are a pure treat that come from his DVD collection. As they say, great legends are born only once. And there can be none other than Charlie Chaplin!

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Charlie Chaplin has been an idol figure of the silent-film era. It is only he who brought about great cinema with his perfectionism and experimentation. Such a leading actor and his movements needs no introduction. Travel back in time with Charlie Chaplin Collection Of DVD’s. Forget the new age cinema as this one shall keep you and your family entertained to nuts. All you need is a mug of popcorn and chilled coke to give you additional refreshment.

Disc Description:

  • Disc 1: A Dog’s Life (1918)
  • Disc 2: The Tramp (1915)   
  • Disc 3: Pay Day (1922)   
  • Disc 4: Shoulder Arms (1918)
  • Disc 5: Sunnyside (1919) 
  • Disc 6: A Day’s Pleasure (1919)
  • Disc 7: The Idle Class (1921)
  • Disc 8: The Pilgrim (1923)

Product Details:

Actors: Charlie Chaplin.

Format: Dolby, NTSC.

Language: English.

Subtitles: English.

Region: All Regions.

Number of discs: 8.

Rated: U (Universal).

Studio: Eagle Home Entertainment.

Product Release Date: 23 April 2002.

Run Time: 939.00 minutes.

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