Cheap Flip Flops for Girls with Shipping Charges Just For Rs 291 Only


Summers can be most annoying for shoes. Neither can you wear your claustrophobic sneakers nor can you wear fancy sandals which give you shoe bites. In such a scenario, flip flops come as savior angels. Flip flops are a good option any day because they are comfortable, always and forever cheap and quite versatile in is usage too. And the world becomes a better place when you get Cheap Flip Flops for Girls at rs 291.

cheap flip flops for girls at rs 291

How to buy Cheap Flip Flops for Girls from Myntra:

  1. View the super saver deal at Myntra.
  2. Choose the required shoe size and click on the “buy Now” Button.
  3. Place your order by filling in the needed details

Flip flops consist of a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap that passes between the first and second toes and around either side of the foot. It makes it extremely comfortable for you to carry it around all day long. While common perception goes that flip flops are only best suited in beaches, it is a kind of footwear which you can incorporate in every and any kind of dressing style and make it look charming and casual.

And flip flops for girls is when the sales get nasty and irresistible. Buy these cheap flip flops for girls at rs 291 which are pink in colour and add some jazz to the world around you. Wear a skirt or a pair of shorts with it and make it look casual. Even a pair of jeans goes find, just find the right accessories and  you’re ready to go set forth new rules of styling. Hurry! The offer is valid only till August 7th.

Product Details:

  • Open toed, pink flip flops with slip-on styling
  • Synthetic thong style upper with stitched detail
  • Soft footbed with textured patterns
  • Textured rubber outsole
  • Warranty: 30 days against manufacturing defects only

View the deal:

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