Cheap Induction Cookware now at Rs 379 from Ideal Home Cookware Set 3 Pcs

Fatima Ansari

Is the heat in your kitchen unbearable while cooking food because of the gas stove flames that are produced? Even with the help of an exhaust fan you cannot stand the hotness and your kitchen turns into a boiling pot. All you need is a better cooking method in the form of induction cooker. With innovation in cooking, almost all of us have switched to this brilliant and cost efficient way of cooking.

How to buy the Ideal Home Induction Cookware Set 3 Pcs?

  1. Go to by clicking here.
  2. Select size and click on buy.
  3. Click on proceed to payment.

Now that you have already installed an induction cooker in your kitchen, all you need is the right set of cookware to go with it. Dealstan brings you Induction cookware to serve all your needs at a throw away price. Cheap Induction cookware set of 3 pieces, of the brand ‘Ideal Home’ is now available at just INR 379/- only on, when the actual price is nothing less than INR 999/-. You save a whopping INR 620/-.

True to its brand name, this cheap Induction cookware is ideal to serve all your cooking needs. The induction cookware set includes 1200 ml Saucepan, 1100ml Frypan and 1300 ml Kadai, the perfect cost effective set. Even if you do not have an induction cooker, you can always use this set on gas stove.

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