ENAMOR Cheap Nightdresses for Women at Rs 630 – 40% OFF

Sowmya Nair

Sleep like a baby. Not really. Sleep like a lady. In a lovely comfortable yet seductive nightdress! This lavender nightdress shouts out comfort! And you cannot miss the fact that you will look adorable in it! Buy cheap nightdresses for women from Myntra and sleep comfortably!

All day wrong you are wrapped up in clothes that could be the reason for your stress. De-stress as soon as you get home. Enamor cheap nightdresses for women is just the thing for you!

How to buy Enamor Cheap Nightdresses for Women at Rs 630:

  1. Buy Cheap Nightdresses for Women from Myntra.
  2. Click on BUY NOW.
  3. No Myntra coupon code is required.

Be a little flirty, a little pretty and whole lot seductive in this pretty little nightdress. The printed frills at the hemline goes very well with the overall plain look. The neckline is deep. You beauty, get ready to sleep and get some lovely dreams! This piece is also available in pink. Pink or Lavender – make your pick!

Sleep comfortably in a nightdress that is sure to make you happy. At home or outdoors, which woman doesn’t like looking and feeling pretty? Simply buy this nightdress and fall in love with it. At a massive 40% off, this is a must buy!

Product Description:

Style Note:
Enamor’s range of flirty and pretty nightdresses are quite impressive. Capturing the mood of the season in the colors, fabric and designs, your beauty sleep is is made even more comfortable by this range. Enjoy the obvious cutesy look of this pink nightdress.

Lavender chemise, has a V neckline, adjustable spaghetti straps, gathers below the bust, printed tape detail around the neckline which extends to form a tie detail in the centre and printed frills at the hemline

Material and Care

  • 65% polyester and 35% viscose.
  • Hand wash.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not iron.


2 Responses to “ENAMOR Cheap Nightdresses for Women at Rs 630 – 40% OFF”

  1. Abhinatha

    What i mean is, the store is a classy lingerie store plus I is striving plus hopefully ordering a Jane Woolrich nightdress. But I have gone to a lingerie store before plus whilst I dressed inside women’s clothing, I did’nt do hair or makeup. I am told i am very passable because a female, plus the store is ok with nevertheless I turn up, what will be different crossdressers information, or indeed, any of we please?

  2. Yashraj

    Some individuals are coming with tutus on or inside nightdresses. I dunno wht to wear…..XXX


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