Cheapest Airport Taxi Drop Bangalore Ola Cabs Rs 399 Flat Book Online


Now book a ride on Ola Cabs for a pick up from Bangalore airport to anywhere in Bangalore. Why choose Ola cabs? The answer is cause no other can service providers will offer you a flat Rs.399 for a pick up from Bangalore airport to your required destination. Yes, this is very true. Now avail for Cheapest Airport Taxi Drop Bangalore by booking online for a flat Rs.399.


How to book for Ola Cabs:

  • Book for Cheapest Airport Taxi Drop Bangalore.
  • Click on Bangalore city on the top right of the page.
  • Click on City Taxi
  • Enter Pickup Date and Pickup time.
  • Book your cab (From Airport to any locality in Bangalore)
  • Enjoy the ride and reach your destination safe and sound.

You may think we can also book a cab service once we reach the airport why make a pre-booking with Ola cabs? That is because once you reach the airport none of us want to wait in the long queue for booking a cab as even prepaid cabs or any other cab service providers at the airport have a queue. So many flights landing at same time and many of them unknown of this offer have to stand in a queue to book their cab. But why do you all reading this want to do that.

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All you need to do is book for your service at the Cheapest Airport Taxi Drop Bangalore online and once you arrive at the airport your pick is waiting for you rather than you waiting for a pick up. Some of you also call for people from home to come and pick you up so that you do not have to wait in the queue but when this service from Ola cabs is available there is no need to call anyone. The amount your family member will spend on coming to the airport, paying airport car parking charges, picking you up and driving you back will turn out to be a costly affair than the Ola cabs services for Bangalore which is just for Rs.399.

Ola Cabs is known for its timely arrival at any destination. With close to 3000 Cabs at their disposal, there will be a rare instance where in your booked cab doesn’t arrive on time or not arrive at all. Ola Cabs drivers have been also rated the best by a survey conducted by us. Where in there have been numerous instances the driver has returned some forgotten belonging to their respective owners. Also in the survey conducted among 300 people Ola Cabs was rated way above their peers. After all they do provide best car rentals at cheapest price be it Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and now even Chennai.

22 Responses to “Cheapest Airport Taxi Drop Bangalore Ola Cabs Rs 399 Flat Book Online”

  1. Vajendra

    Hello, I am arriving Bangalore Intl airport at four.30pm. I have to reach Villupuram before midnight. Is there a coach at 6pm.(Any A/C buses). Thx.

  2. shambhu kumar

    I need a cab in GM palya at 3 A.M on 18 .01.2014 for airport drop.

  3. Can i avail this offer to go to airport from my home on 27 march midnght???
    Please reply asap

    • Raju Pradhan

      You can Surbhi, if the offer is available from Ola Cabs in your location.

  4. Aakash Degwekar

    A hotel of 3 star, only 5kms away from Airport can enable transit or company passengers ?? because the city is 32 kms away.

  5. Nagaraj

    Your call center will not pick up calls in time. You will take lot of time. I tried now three times and only message will come for longer time. This will irritate and we have to spend more currency and time. Please organize this properly and immediately.

    • Ochitya

      Hi Nagaraj ,

      Your issue will be forwarded to OLA Cabs on a priority basis quickly from our end .

  6. i need the cab for airport BIAL from malleshpalya at 3:30 AM on 16-03-14 and please tell me the fare

  7. ravi

    i need 5 members drop to airport from basavangudi , today evening 8 pm

  8. Ashoka Khatri

    I will be reaching Bangalore airport around 12.30 a.m. (after midnight) on Sunday. Will Ola Cabs be available at the same price then?

  9. Uchit

    Which are the greatest hotels to stay near Bangalore International Airport? Kindly recommend…..Thanks! Which cab service to book?

  10. sandip N

    Ola Cabs customer care never bother to pick calls, their cabs charge extra even from their arrival, and they do it very cleverly, when to talk to driver they say you shud talk to customer care, who never picks the calls for all false billing. so guys please avoid OLA.

  11. I need a cab from BTM 1st Stage to Airport @ 3:30 AM in the morning on 12th November

  12. Shalini

    Can I use this code to go airport from my place that is in challagatta,at just 399…@1 o clock in morning on 30 march..reply fast


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Rs 399