Cheapest Price of LG Optimus G Pro at Rs. 36,281 – Rs 3000 off

Fatima Ansari

Who can possibly live without a smartphone? The answer will certainly be no one at all. We all want to carry our smartphones everywhere we go, so much so that we even need it under our pillow while we are sleeping. Owning and buying a phone is not just convenience now, it’s more about luxury.

How to buy the Cheapest LG Optimus G Pro at Rs. 36,281 – Rs 3000 off:

  1. Go to by clicking here.
  2. Click on buy now.
  3. Enter the coupon code- MOB0FF10.

Dealstan brings you an amazing offer on one of the best smartphones available today in the market- Cheapest LG Optimus G Pro. The cheapest LG Optimus G Pro is now available on at just INR 36,281/-. All you have to do is enter the coupon code- MOB0FF10. The actual price of the LG Optimus G Pro is INR 37,999/-, you save a nothing less than INR 3000/-. After knowing the incredible features this smartphone provides you with, you will know it is worth each and every penny.

This one is a sequel to the LG Optimus G, but it is not just regular upgrade to the previous phone. Cheapest LG Optimus G Pro has got a complete makeover in terms of design with a large 5.5 inch screen. With a full HD display this smartphone is sure to fulfill all your smartphone needs. Comes with a 13 mega pixel camera and LED flash to give you the best picture quality.

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  1. Janamejay

    So I’m getting an optimus v plus I wanna understand when there is any variations different then the service provider like size, buttons inside different places ect. Mostly result I’m shopping for instances plus screen covers


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