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How to Buy this Orthopaedic Heat Belt from Moov:

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We all have had those days when sometimes we twitch an ankle or sprain a knee or twist our wrists and end up in miserable and delusional pain that we barely can handle! These days are so bad that we can barely afford to wake up from the bed let alone going to work or even jogging! But hey, it’s the 21st century and you can not afford to lose even one day to pain! You can not let the score board go – Pain-1, You-0! You have to fight back and show that scumbag that you are no less!

Buy the cheapest Orthopaedic heat belt from Moov at just Rs. 360!

Moov Orthopaedic Heat Belt is highly effective in backaches, sprains, muscular and joint pains etc. It has in-built twin thermostat which ensures complete safety.  It’s cover is made of cotton which is extremely soft and can be washed.Strap-on belt with Velcro makes it easy to use. The cheapest Ortho Heat Belt from Moov which you get at JUST Rs. 479! FLAT 40% OFF! Pain seems to already go away, ain’t it?

Moov always have had that reputation when it has come to being a pain healer. Any kind of physical pain, Moov always have been there for generation, literally! First came the gel tubes and then the sprays and now with the changing times have come the heat belts too! And you can get the affordable Ortho heat belt from Moov right here! You do not ned to go to that store with a sprained knee to buy it! Just click away, my friend and you will achieve peace from pain! Just remember the score board. Should always be one up against the pain! Pain-0, You-1!


  • Made from soft material
  • Suitable for large number of applications
  • Zero side effects
  • Wattage: 45/30 Watts
  • 3 heat level variants
  • Assured safety with 4-layer insulation on both sides
  • Regular – 295 mm x 215 mm
  • High flexibility ensures reach to the afflicted area
  • Effective in: Backaches, sprains, muscular and joint pains, women-related pains

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Buy the cheapest Orthopaedic heat belt from Moov at just Rs. 360!
Rs. 600
Rs. 479