Cheapest Philips QG3383 7-in-1 Multigrooming Kit Rs 2399 – 30% OFF!


How to buy cheapest Philips QG3383 7-in-1 Multigrooming Kit at rs. 2399 –

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Having one of those days where you are getting so lazy that you just do not want to shave? It has become so prominent that the only difference between the early cave man and you is that you are civilized? You are on the verge of becoming King Kong’s smaller brother? These things don;t matter until you have something important coming, like a meeting, a conference or worst – your girlfriend! We all know, girls like us smoooooth!

So what do you do when have like 5 mins to shave and not a sense of hurry? You use the Philips Multigrooming Kit! Ta-Daa! You become the civilized human being you are meant to from the early cave man that you were becoming! The Philips Grooming Kiit would otherwise cost you Rs. 3595, but you can buy the cheapest Philips QG3383 7-in-1 Multigrooming Kit at only Rs. 2399! 30% FLAT OFF!

Buy Cheapest Philips QG3383 7-in-1 Multigrooming Kit!Price Comparison:

Snapdeal —————– Rs 2622

Philips has always been a name in the personal grooming range, a name to repute and has always delivered products that have pleased the entire humankind whether it would be the men or the women. With this groomer you don’t need to worry about cuts or nicks or any blood anywhere! It is that safe! It has this Turbo-powered kit with Full Metal Trimmer; body Trimmer; Body Shaver; Hair-clipping Combs; Easily Styles Your Face, Hair and body with Great Perfection and Detailing. Its Turbo Power Feature increases shaving speed and makes absolutely sure that it cuts thick hair faster than any other thing available on the market. Buy the cheapest Philips QG3383 7-in-1 Multigrooming Kit at only Rs. 2399!!

Under shower use Yes
Trimmer type Precision trimmer: 21 mm Full Metal Guard
Mini Foil Shaver: Single Foil
Body Comb: Yes
Nose Trimmer: Tube Trimmer
Beard and Hair Comb: Adjustable Comb, 17 Settings (1 mm Steps)
Full Size Trimmer: 32 mm Full Metal Guard
Cordless Yes
Recharge Time (Mins) 60 min
Use Time (Mins) 50 min
Maintenance Cleaning Brush, Beard and Moustache Comb, Storage Box / Stand, 100% Waterproof, Premium Pouch

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  1. Bhadraksh

    Im getting a grooming kit for my birthday for horses by the technique. I really like to recognize what do i require inside it?

  2. Madhujit

    I am seeking to purchase a grooming kit. I couldn’t discover any ratings of the above mentioned stated model. I would like hyperlinks to certain critiques


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Buy Cheapest Philips QG3383 7-in-1 Multigrooming Kit!