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Deepika Dewan

Sports Shoes are a must for all occasions be it for gym, morning walk, running or trekking. presents Globalite G Speed 1 Cheapest running shoes under Rs. 999. Its a great deal that gives you good and sturdy running shoes at affordable price. And helps you match your sports activity with your budget too. Good Style and make, these pocket-friendly cheapest running shoes are stylish and durable to the core. Next time whenever you think of taking sports as a profession, do consider this fancy sports deal. Its sure to take you ahead and make you a fitness star in your friend circle in no time.

How to buy Cheapest running shoes under Rs 999?

Stylish, colorful and zappy, Cheapest running shoes under Rs. 999 are perfect for the sporty men!  Globalite G speed 1 are designed with extra padding on the inside. They also have a grooved textured sole for superior relief. While rubber sole helps you maintain your balance while jogging, the mesh lining ensures maximum breathability. And then there is non-leather upper that helps in enhancing their durability and longevity. So whether its a small walk or doing the treadmill or going for a marathon, your cheapest running sport shoes, the Globalite G Speed 1 will now give you extreme comfort and value for money.

Key Features:

  • Colour: Black Yellow.
  • Round Tip Shape.
  • Perforation Detail, Raised Ankle, Panel & Stitch Detail.
  • Cushioned Ankle & Tongue.
  • Lace pocket.

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  1. Chaman Chavan

    I use normal sport shoes while playing tennis and I ruined 3 shoes in like 8 months…. So are there particular shoes which are suitable for tennis ?


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